Come and Get Lost (for Decades) with Me - LitezAll

Greetings from an urban explorer! My name is Roel van Wanrooy, better known as @lostfordecades. My Insta is full of abandoned and forgotten architecture, urban landscapes, and examples of beauty in age and erosion. I couldn't explore without my LitezAll, which bathes my path and provides a constant light in the darkness. It helps me to see lost treasures I might otherwise miss. Shall I tell you more about it? You might go on an urban adventure of your own!

1. Finding What's Lost


Exploring abandoned locations is my passion. I only started four years ago, but it's already the activity I enjoy more than anything else. In the intervening years, I've visited abandoned places all over Europe. In fact, I even visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone. That's why urban exploration speaks to me—there's nothing quite like visiting spots where no one else has been for an incredibly long time. Standing in a forgotten place, I can feel what it was like to be there 30 years ago, and I can see how time stands still and nature reclaims what belongs to her.

2. Lost and Found in the Light


A torch light, a flashlight, or a mini flashlight is essential during explorations of unknown terrain and forgotten buildings. These locations are often cloaked in darkness and gloom. Danger might lurk ahead at any point. A strong, bright flashlight is vital so that I can see where I'm walking. I've heard stories of people who fall into holes and drop down ten meters or more. You always have to exercise caution and safety when you explore abandoned spaces.

3. The LitezAll of My Life


The 800 Lumen flashlight is my favorite LitezAll product, hands down. It never gets in the way. Not only is it small, but it's also lightweight. Still, it gives off more than enough light anytime I need it. The waterproof flashlight even has a charging feature that lets me charge my phone.

4. Capturing the Moment


As you can tell from my Instagram, I take photos of the places I wander through, but there isn't always enough light for a picture that captures my surroundings. That's where my 800 Lumen rechargeable flashlight provides the most assistance. I can light up the scene and paint in the light, which is known as lightpainting. I never want to miss the perfect shot, and this is the best flashlight for that!

5. Facts about Roel

Well, for starters, I'm 42 years old. It goes without saying that I love to travel. Being outside and in nature is always a pleasure. For nearly 20 years, I've worked as a computer security and network engineer—now I'm an urban explorer in my off-time!

Exploring urban landscapes reveals more beauty than you can imagine. Browse through the places I've discovered @lostfordecades. Head to @LitezAll, too. Maybe you can tell your own story, or find the best and brightest flashlight for your own adventures.