The Rise and Fall of Inars: Hiking and Snowboarding - LitezAll

Hello, fellow hikers and snowboarders! I'm Inars Birmanis, aka @inarsbirmanis on Instagram. Outside is my favorite place to be, and lately, I've been chasing the snow. Getting the height I want requires serious hiking, and getting the snow I want means I have to be ready to hike a trail and hop on my board day or night. That means that no matter where I'm going, I need a flashlight that's heavy duty, durable, and preferably rechargeable. Let me tell you more about what it's like to chase the winter and hike to dizzying heights.

1. A Fiery Passion for Snowy Conditions


Hiking has always been a passion, and it blends seamlessly with a sport I'm equally passionate about: snowboarding. I like to work for my height and distance, something I discovered way back in the '90s when I tried snowboarding for the first time. I've been hooked for over 25 years! It gives me a freedom I can't live without, and I get the opportunity to explore awe-inspiring landscapes and rugged mountains. Climbing to the summit is the best part, and it makes the descent even more fulfilling. Whether I'm cruising a slope, riding the powder, or exploring untouched terrain, that's the thrill I want.

2. Illuminating the Powder


The brightest flashlight or torch light is essential for both hiking and snowboarding. I can't do either when it's cloudy or foggy outside. Forget about trying to climb or ride in the pitch darkness. Everything looks the same, especially with a blanket of snow. It's too risky to test the snow without the aid of a heavy-duty waterproof flashlight or emergency COB lantern.

3. Crazy for the Kube


No question, my favorite LitezAll product is the Kube. On the mountains, you need a rechargeable flashlight. It doesn't take up much space, and it's so easy to carry around that I can always find room for it. The Kube doubles as a portable charger and an LED flashlight. I can't tell you how many times that's saved me.

4. All-Day Durability

I spend a lot of time outside, and my Kube is always with me. Even during my daily routine, which involves using my phone quite a bit, the Kube's charging feature is helpful. I never run out of battery, even if I'm snapping photos of the landscape on a mountain hike. Not only are my surroundings visible, but I'm visible to others. The Kube is extraordinarily bright, so it can even provide illumination to my neighbors on the trail!

5. A Touch of Trivia

I try to be just as versatile as my flashlight. At the moment, I'm the coach of the Latvian National Snowboard team. However, I'm also a chef, a masseur, and a mentor. I spend my life chasing the winter.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know more about me. You can learn more @inarsbirmanis! Visit the @LitezAll Instagram, too, and share your flashlight story!