I don't believe that you can have to many lights and the following three lights are a welcome addition. First up is the LitezAll Rechargeable 1000 Lumen Flashlight.
This is the perfect flashlight keep your home, a glove compartment of your car, your bicycle bag, virtually anywhere.
It boast 1000 lumens on a high-powered setting and 300 lumens on the low power setting. the high will run for about two hours and the low for about 4 hours. The flashlight illuminates well and has a pretty wide beam. It fits well in the hand and is a good size. What's cool about this light is that not only does it produce illumination but it also has a built-in power bank so you can charge your phone as well. So if you're in the car and emergency happens if you don't need the light then you have a power bank on hand.
The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable ICR18650 battery rated at 2000 mAh at 3.7v.  and the portable power output is 5v - 1Amp at 6.4w.
The unit charges in about 5.5 hours and has LED light that flashes during charging changing to a solid light when fully charged.
I really like dual-purpose devices and a flashlight that also charges your phone is pretty cool. You can check it out at the following link.
Up next is the Kodiak Kube. I really like the compactness of this light and the fact that it's waterproof it's a great feature as well.
I actually keep this light stuck to the refrigerator thanks for the magnet on the back, so if the lights ever go off, I know exactly where I can find immediate lighting.
This is another great dual-purpose unit as you can charge devices with it as well so not only does it serve as lighting but it also serves as a small compact power bank. I keep mine on the refrig, but it  would be great to keep in a purse, backpack, glove compartment or even in your pocket.
It features a 1,000 mAh battery to handle charging your portable devices. The Kube itself charges in three to five hours.
Three brightness settings provide continuous light from 3 Hours (High) to 12 Hours (Low). It has up to 300 Lumens illumination.
I like the compact design of this unit the fact that it's waterproof, magnetic, and can charge your devices because it's a very useful piece of equipment.
To check it out click the following link.
Up next is the LitezAll Cobb led 
rechargeable carabiner light. this light has a magnet and I actually keep it on the refrig as well but this is going to be my grab-and-go like for when I carry a backpack.
Thanks to its carabiner design you can attach it to about anything and with its onboard magnets it gives you even more attachment possibilities.
The unit is 350 lumens on high and 160 lumens on low with a 8 and 12-hour runtime on the respective settings. There also is an SOS mode in case of an emergency. You can also charge your devices thanks to the onboard 2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery / Power Bank.
I like this unit because you can clip and go, attach via  magnets, charge your devices and swivel the head so you can point the light in your desired direction.
To check out this cool and unique carabiner click the following link
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