LitezAll Rechargeable Bug Zapper Lantern

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Product Features

  • Rechargeable
  • Lantern Mode is 80 Lumens
  • Lantern Mode, Bug Zapper Mode, Combined Mode
  • Perfect for Tents, Campers, Cookouts, Boats and Campsites
  • Carry or Hanging Handle
  • Charging Cable Included
  • Cleaning Brush included
  • Measures 7.75"H x 3.25"W x 3.25"D

    Make your next campfire or picnic experience pest free with the LitezAll bug zapping lantern. Enjoy bright 360 degree light in a bug free setting.

    The bug zapping lantern may be operated in the white light lantern mode, ultraviolet bug zapping mode or combined mode. This lantern is perfect for inside a tent or camper, on a pontoon boat or your next fishing trip.

    The lantern is rechargeable from any USB power source and comes with its own charging cable. Also includes a cleaning brush.

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    Ask a Question
    • I lost the charging cable, Can I buy a new one?

      While we don't sell charging cables, any USB-C cable works.

    • How long does it specifically take to charge?

      The light takes up to 4 hours for a full charge.

    • How long should it take to charge

      It should take a few hours to fully charge.

    • Does it kill mosquitoes?

      Yes, it zaps any small bug that comes in contact with the zapper inside.

    • What kind of USB port on this lantern does it use? Micro USB or USB type C?

      USB Type C

    • does this light have an LED bulb

      Yes it does

    • Is this supposed to zap bug it’s a POS...

      It does not have the loud sound you may hear with an electric zapper but this lantern definitely kills bugs.

    • How long will it work after fully charging?

      Expect up to 5 hours with high brightness plus UV, 8-10 hours UV mode only although this varies with the number of bug zaps.

    • There is no zap in my bug zapper?

      Hi. Do you mean no audible zap? That's not uncommon, especially for smaller bugs.

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