The Kodiak® KOMPANION® has so many features it's almost hard to describe.... - LitezAll

The KOMPANION® is one of the smallest COB LED lights in the Kodiak® line but boy, does it pack a punch! To call this product a flashlight is an injustice as it is UNLIKE any other flashlight.

The KOMPANION® has so many features it's almost difficult to describe. To start, the KOMPANION® is NOT DESIGNED like a conventional hand-held flashlight. The KOMPANION® is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand, weighs around 1.6 ounces and it produces up to 500 Lumens of light (Hyper-Brite) 300 lumens (High), 100 lumens (Low) plus strobe.

Further, it features a standard camera tripod mount, a bottle opener, a carabiner (an excellent accessory for your key ring), a built-in fully adjustable kick stand, it's water resistant, it's USB-C rechargeable (charging cable included) and last but not least, a strong magnet on the back that adheres to any clean, smooth, rust-free metal surface.

Serious photographers and videographers need a high CRI. The Kompanion® features a CRI of over 94 in any of its brightness modes.

Amazingly, all of this is attractively packaged into a 2 1/4" (6 centimeters) high by 1 3/4" (4 3/4 centimeters) wide, do everything light.