Nearly Invincible - 100% Bad Ass - LitezAll
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely Durable
  • Spot, Wide, Red, Flashing Red - 8 Light Modes
  • Up to 45 Degree Tilt In Locking Increments
  • 2 Independently Controlled Light Sections (May Be Combined)
  • Head Worn, Hand Held or Hung from Retractable Hook
  • Fits Over Hard Hats and Caps

The LitezAll Nearly Invincible™ Headlamp is a must have whether you're working or playing. 8 light modes give you options from wide to spot beams or a combination. Runtimes range from 6 hours (high beam) to 75 hours (low beam).

Suggested uses include hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, construction, vehicle repair, crafting, home projects, grilling, power outages and anywhere you need bright shadow free light.

The LitezAll Nearly Invincible™ Headlamp is the perfect hands free light that's small enough to wear for extended periods and versatile enough to handle all of your lighting needs.