Replacement Battery for P1KPP

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Replacement Battery for P1KPP 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

  • 3000 mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.7 Volts

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  • Just ordered the replacement battery and the positive side is different than the original battery

    That's ok. As long as you put it in correctly it will work.

  • Which shipping agent is used for shipping: UPS FedEx USPS

    FedEx Smartpost. The majority of the shipping is handled by FedEx and the actual delivery to your door is USPS

  • Hi, Do you think you will get this battery again? Thanks

    Yes there are more in order.

  • A follow up question to my question below...if this is the only battery that works with the BA-P1KPPRB why does it come with a larger battery?

    Our battery is the only battery that works with the P1KPP

  • do you have a battery stronger than the 3000mAh provided with the BA-P1KPPRB

    That is a proprietary battery for that flashlight and no other battery will work.

  • The charge plug on the Promier pikpp 8/16 flashlight is bad, The flashlight is 8 months old. What can be done to to fix this problem? I have two of these and I can charge the battery with other flashlight at this time.

    We're sorry to hear that. Please send a picture to We'll replace your flashlight with the current model (p1kpp is no longer available)

  • I also called the support number you have listed and appears to be a wrong number.

    Support is 815-223-3393. Thank you.

  • Received my battery 2 weeks ago and it still has not turned green for a full charge. Do I need to replace this one also. Send me a new battery

    It's possible there is a probloem with the fashlight itself. Please call support at 815-223-3393.

  • I must have a different flashlight as there is no charging port yet it has the Bat-P1KK BATTERY can I use different batterys?

    Hi. The P1KPP charging port is accessible by twisting the head fully. There is a charging port as well as a USB port to charge your mobile phone.

  • I think I have the older model of flashlight that uses the battery BAT-P1KPP and my issue is I don’t see where you can charge with this flashlight. How did you charge with the previous model?

    Hi. All of our rechargeable flashlights have charging ports to charge batteries internally. Any micro-usb charging cable works. If the light has a focus beam, yiou may have to twist or extend the head portion to show the charging ports.

  • what are the dimensions of the P1 KPP battery replacement?

    Hi. Please remember the battery for the P1KPP is proprietary and unfortunately, no other batteries work in it. There are 2 batteries inside the wrap that are wired in a certain way.

  • Neef foe Nebo 360 lum

    Hi. We apologize but we are unable to provide support for products from other brands,

  • how do i recharge this battery?

    Hi. The battery charges while inside the flashlight. plug a micro-usb cord into the flashlight's charging port.

  • is there a timeline for this battery to be available again?

    We anticipate they will arrive in a few weeks. Sorry about that.