Replacement Battery for 23023 - K-KRAKEN-4/8

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Replacement Battery for 23023 - K-KRAKEN-4/8

  • 7.4v
  • 4000A
  • Protected Against Overcharging and Overheating

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  • What does the charging cable look like? I found a 12 inch long orange cord with a usb on one end and a smaller enclosed connection that goes in the flashlight, a led in the flashlight turns green but is doesn’t charge the battery. With is plugged in the light works. The light was bright until it suddenly went out and wouldn’t turn back on.

    The charging cable is USB on one end and micro USB on the other.

  • I want to purchase the charging station for this battery. Where can I find the Sku#?

    We don't sell a dedicated charging station for this battery. That said, the battery charges directly in the flashlight using the included charging cable.

  • If you lost the cable for charging the light How do you charge the batteries? Throw away the flash light?

    Hi. Any USB-C charging cable works just fine.