LitezAll Remote Control Color Changing PortaBulb

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  • 12 Bright Colors Plus White
  • Color Selectable with Included Remote
  • Install the Base with Easy Peel and Stick Tab
  • Enjoy Grab & Go® Portability with the Bulb. Always Cool to the Touch
  • 4 or 8 Hour Daily Timer
  • Bulb Has Magnetic Base and Flip-up Loop
  • No Tools or Wiring Required
  • Bulb Powered by 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Remote Powered by 1 CR2025 (Included)


  • INGESTION HAZARD: This product contains a button cell or coin battery.
  • DEATH or serious injury can occur if ingested.
  • A swallowed button cell or coin battery can cause Internal Chemical Burns in as little as 2 hours.
  • KEEP new and used batteries OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if a battery is suspected to be swallowed or inserted inside any part of the body.

The amazing LitezAll PortaBulb® now changes colors! You get all the benefits of bright, cool to touch COB LED light, no-tools peel and stick installation, and convenient Grab & Go® portability. You also get remote control operation, a 4 or 8 hour daily timer and up to 12 beautiful colors plus white.

The remote control color changing PortaBulb® is a great accent light, works great as part of a themed centerpiece for holidays and class reunions, a convenient night light and just the right amount of light for your tent or camper.

Battery powered and completely safe to use with no electricity! Fun for ages 4 and up!

This product covered by U.S. patents. Please refer to this page for more information.


Operating Instructions and Precautions


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  • How do I remove battery from remote

    To replace the batteries in the remote, turn the remote over. Push the battery tray lock to the right and slide the tray out. Remove the battery and replace it with a new CR2025 lithium button cell battery positive side up. Slide the battery tray back in until it locks.

  • Hi, my light stays lit for a minute or so, then turns off. The remote doesn’t turn it back on, however, it does make the bulb blink when I tried to put it on 4 hour timer. It’s a brand new bulb and I have removed all of the paper insulators in the battery compartments.

    Sorry to hear that. Please send an email to We will take care of you.

  • I turned off my brand new bulb before I left home. When I got home, it was a light red/orange color and will not turn off with the remote or manually. I cannot change the color. Is it the batteries?

    Sounds like it could be a drained battery issue.

  • I just bought this from Walmart and the light won't even turn on for me it just flashes one and turns off the remote doesn't work either

    We're sorry to hear that. Please send an email to and we will help you. Thank you.

  • Why does the LitezAll Remote Control Color Changing PortaBulb battery power does not last long.

    It is very dependent on the quality of batteries and run time. Please try to use the best quality alkaline batteries for the best perdormance.

  • Is there a way to brighten or dim the brightness of the colors?

    No. Only white is dimmable for this oproduct.

  • Can I pair multiple bulbs to a single remote? Wanting to use a few of them in my shed both ground level and loft area. And maybe another one in the storage shed. Just prefer to not have to keep up with 4-5 different remotes

    Yes. For this product, one remote can operate more than one bulb. That said it is line of sight so if the bulbs are far apart you may have to turn them on individually. The good thing is you truly only need one remote to do that.

  • Will the remote work through a door or interior wall? We're looking for a simple way to visually alert our deaf daughter (bulb in her room and the remote outside her room).

    This product does not work well through walls and doors unfortunately.

  • How do I change batt in bulb

    Unscrew the base of the bulb. Remove the cartridge inside and replace the batteries following the diagram inside, Replace the cartridge with the tip end first. Screw the base of the bulb back on.

  • Bought a bulb and it didn't work, so I bought another one and that one didn't work either. When you press the black button, it just flashes and doesn't stay on. I put in brand new batteries and it still does the same thing. I tried calling the support number a few times and that line doesn't go anywhere - no one picks up.... Is this even a real company lol? Selling broken light bulbs and having no support line? Smh

    Absolutely a real company and we apologize. We are not available on weekends. We will definitely help you on Monday.

  • anyway to buy these wholesale?

    Absolutely! Please click THIS LINK to sign up for a business account. A sales rep will contact you to discuss your needs. Thank you.


  • What is the working range of the remote from the light?

    About 20' line of sight.

  • Is this water proof? Can it bean outdoor light?

    This product cannot be directly exposed to precipitation. Temperature variations are fine. We recommend covered outdoor use only.

  • Our bulb will only flash when turned on, cannot try to pair with remote because it won't stay on long enough

    It sounds like the batteries are dead in the bulb. If after changing them the problem persists, please call our support line at 815-223-3393 or send an email to We're happy to help.

  • My remote does not work. The batteries are good the bulb will only turn on manually. Is there a way to reset the remote?

    Hi. Try this. Sut the bulb and remote off. Remove the bulb from its base and unscrew the bottom. Remove the battery cartridge for 5 seconds. Replace the cartridge and screw the bottom back on. Be sure the bulb and remote are set to the same channel (a or b). Flip the switch on the remote. Sometimes you have to shut the remote off and turn it back on again but assuming the batteries are good in both parts, the light should come on. Please send an email to if it still doesn't work.

  • My light bulb won't work oh have new batteries and it won't work

    If you're sure the batteries are new and installed correctly, try turning the bulb on manualy with the black switch. If the bulb works manually, please follow the setps to pair your remote control to the bulb or multiple bulbs.Download Remote Control PortaBulb® Instructions.

    You may also call support at 815-223-3393. We're happy to help.

  • what are the different modes besides multicolor?

    12 Bright colors plus white. Select them individually with the remote.

  • How can I connect with my smartphone? I have an iPhone 13

    Hi. This product does not work with a smartphone, only it's remote.

  • How do you use the bulb without the remote control?

    Hi. Operatoing the bulb without the remove is veery limited. Here is the full instruction guide. Hope this helps.
    Operating Instructions and Precautions

  • What are the dimensions of the bulb, measured from the base of the actual bulb part that lights up?

    Hi. The overall height is 4.5" The illuminated dome part is 1.5" high.

  • The remote doesn't work at all. I've tried replacing all the batteries and I've done the troubleshooting that I've seen you answer in the previous Q&A posts, but nothing is working.

    We're very sorry to hear that. Please send an email to with a picture of your light and your phone number. We'll take care of you.