LitezAll 2000 Lumen Lantern

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  • Super High Brightness Mode: 2000 Lumens, 3.5 hr Runtime
  • High Brightness Mode: 1250 Lumens, 5 hr Runtime
  • Medium Brightness Mode: 750 Lumens, 15 hr Runtime
  • Low Brightness Mode: 250 Lumens, 25 hr Runtime
  • Night Light Mode: 50 Lumens, 115 hr Runtime
  • IPX4 Weather Resistant
  • Integrated Carry Handle with Fold Away Hanging Hook
  • Powered by 4 D Batteries (Included)

The LitezAll COB LED Camping Lantern packs a punch with up to 2000 lumens of brightness. Five selectable brightness modes give you a range of brightness from 50 to max 2000 lumens.

In the 50 lumen "night light" mode, expect up to 115 hours of light (using alkaline batteries)! That's not a misprint. That's over 4 days and nights of continuous lighting, all made possible by energy efficient COB LED technology. WOW!

This attractive lantern is made of tough white ABS plastic and includes a clear light reflector. The flip up carry handle has a convenient built-in retractable hanging hook.

Powered by 4 D alkaline batteries (Included)


Download 24129 Operating Instructions & Precautions

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  • When we turn the lantern off, in a few minutes it comes back on. Why is that?

    Hmmm sorry to hear that. Sounds defective. Please send an email to We will take care of you.

  • Litezall 2000 lumen lantern with no button or knob. Can I order a replacement. Black button or knob. Thank you...

    Please send a picture of the lantern to We will take care of you.

  • How do you replace the batteries

    Detailed instructions in this link: Download 24129 Operating Instructions & Precautions

  • I sent the wrong email address, sorry. We can’t get the black bottom battery cover off to change the batteries. We tried turning it counter clockwise, but it won’t budge. Any suggestions??

    Hi. Sorry to hear this. Has the lantern been used recently? Has it been unsed for a long period of time? It is possible the batteries have corroded inside preventing you from opening the compartment. If this is the case, please send an email to We will definitely take care of you.

  • what country is it made

    This product is manufactured in China

  • Is this lantern waterproof? I take it nightfishing.

    The light is weather resistant but not submersible in water and technically cannot be called waterproof. This light is frequently used for night fishing because of the selectable brighgtness settings.

  • my litezall 2000 had batteries that leaked and corroded the contacts in the screw on base. is there a replacement part i can get rather buying a whole new unit? thankks!

    Hi. We're sorry to hear this. Please call support at 815-223-3393 or send an email to We're happy to help.

  • How do you change the batteries?

    Unscrew the battery compartment cover located at the bottom of the lantern by turning it counter clockwise. Remove the batteries and replace them with 4 new D alkaline batteries. Replace the battery compartment cover by aligning the notch on the cover with the slot on the lantern. Press the battery compartment cover in and turn it clockwise to tighten.

  • How do I change the batteries on the lantern?

    With the lantern turned upside down, twist the black bottom counter clockwise to remove the batter compartment cover. Replace the batteries. Line up the key on the cover with the notch on the lantern, push in and twist clockwise to replace.

  • How do I get the lantern out of “try me” mode. I just bought this and when I push the button it just flashes for a second. I was expecting some kind of tab to pull out after purchase to be able to use it.

    The trial batteries may be dead. Please replace them. If the problem persists, please contact support. We will take care of you.

  • Is this product waterproof or water resistant?

    This lantern is water resistant. It should not be submerged in water.

  • I bought two of these with batteries included. One works great out of the box. Have used it a lot. The other one is apparently DOA. It doesn't work at all even with new batteries. Is there an easy fix for it, or is this just another purchasing mistake?

    Sorry to hear this. Please take a pic of your lantern and send it to along with your phone number. We will take care of you.

  • One of the battery terminals rusted off and now the lantern does not turn on . Only used one summer :/

    This happens when batteries are left in and the light is not used for an extended period. Please send a picture of your lantern with your phone number to We will take care of you.