LitezAll 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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  • High Brightness Mode: 1000 Lumens, 2 hr Runtime
  • Low Brightness Mode: 300 Lumens, 4 hr Runtime
  • Drop Tested 1 Meter
  • IPX4 Weather Resistant
  • Focus Beam
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Power Bank Charges Smart Devices
  • Rechargeable (Micro-USB Charging Cable Included)
  • 18650 3.7v 2000 mAh Li-Ion Battery (Replaceable)

Replaces LitezAll P1KPP


The LitezAll LA-1000RFL is a 1000 lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight that charges your smartphone! The LA-1000RFL also features a built-in USB power bank. Recharge your smartphone or tablet at home, in your vehicle, at the campsite or wherever you need a portable backup. 

A convenient USB charging cable is included that is used to charge the flashlight from your car charger, computer, laptop or any A/C power adapter. 

The LA-1000RFL features a 1000 max lumen high power setting for up to 2 hours of continuous light and a low power 300 peak lumen setting for up to 4 hours of continuous light. 

This rechargeable tactical flashlight is powered by a rechargeable ICR18650 battery rated at 2000 mAh at 3.7v. Portable power output is 5v - 1Amp at 6.4w. The flashlight takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge and features an LED light that flashes during charging changing to a solid light when fully charged.


Download 22668 Operating Instructions & Precautions


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  • I just got a new 1000 and am supposedly charging it. But it has a blinking red light instead of a blinking green like all of your instructions say. Is that a problem?

    Earlier models of this flashlight were red. Please let us know if it charges.

  • Battery won't keep a charge. Do I need to replace it?

    Yes. More than likely that is the problem.

  • I just purchased the 10000 l today, I have charged it until the light stayed green as indicating and it won’t turn on. What can be done?

    We're very sorry to hear that. Please send an email to We will take care of you.

  • I bought a LitezAll flashlight a year ago and only used it once in a while. The flashlight won’t turn off. I pushed the light switch button several times and it does not turn the flashlight off. I have to remove the battery to turn off the light. How do you fix this problem. I can’t find anything on the internet. I had to go buy another one a couple days ago when it went on sale.

    We are sorry to hear that. Please send a message to We will take care of you as there is a lifetime warranty on your flashlight.

  • Our flashlights have the ICR18650 2000mAh battery. Can we use 2600 mAh?

    As long as it's 3.7v yes. Otherwise no.

  • I purchased the 10000 l today, i charged it all day and it won’t turn on, I own three more flashlights and they all work fine first time I have a problem with litezall flashlight

     I am sorry to hear that. When possible please email with your name, mailing address and picture of the flashlight and we would be happy to send out a replacement. 

    Kind Regards

  • Can u replaced the usb charger if it breaks

    The USB charging port is not replaceable. The flashlight has a lifetime warranty against defects and we are happy to send you a free replacement. Send a photo to:

  • I barely bought the flash light and it doesn’t want to to turn on

    I am sorry to hear that. Have you charged it? For best performance, the flashlight should be charged fully before use. If it will not charge please send a picture of the flashlight as well as your name & direct shipping address to and I would be happy to replace it for you.

  • I purchased a 2pk.1000L @ Menards in Dec. 2020. The 1st one needed a chg so plugged it in - showed red lite left plugged in overnight- it shows green light but will not turn on ! Suggestions ??

    We're so sorry to hear that. Please send an email to We will take care of you.

  • i have a litez 1000 rechargable flash light and i have a problem keeping it turned on i think the on/off switch is shot can i get a replacement ?

    Hi. Sorry to hear that. Please send an email to We will take care of you.

  • if the micro usb port no longer functions, can you plug into the other port to charge the light? thank you

    No you cannot. Please send a message to We will take care of you.

  • I have the 2 pack version of this light which I purchased at my nearby hardware store and it is different than the model listed here is there any replacement batteries available for the 2 pack version?

     Im guessing this was purchased at Menards. If so, the batteries for this set are not replaceable, I apologize.

    Kind Regards

  • Will a 21700 5000mAh 3.6 V battery work in this flashlight without the tube? I would like the increased charging capacity.

    You will void the lifetime warranty by trying this. Sorry about that.

  • How do I change the flashing light to a steady beam?

    If your light is flashing, it is defective. Please send an email to

  • Where can I find model #

    LA-1000RFL-8/16 is the model numner for this item. The SKU is 22668

  • I think my battery is dead. The flashlight is not working now. How do you recharge it? I just have the flashlight, nothing to recharge with. Are all these flashlights of your rechargeable? I have the LitezAll small black portable light with the metal clip on it.

    Our 1000RFL model, SKU: 22668 is rechargeable. extend the head of the flashlight to reveal the charging ports. You may have to spin the protective rubber ring to see them. Plug the included USB charging cable into a power source such as a power cube, laptop, car USB, etc., and the other end into the small charging port. The indicator will change to solid green once fully charged.

  • My bulb in my tactical flashlight seems dead i changed batteries first thinking that was the problem and still nothing can i replace the bulb

    There is not a conventional type of bulb to replace. Please call support at 815-223-3393. We will be happy to help you.

  • I need the replacement led bulb

    That flashlight does not use a conventional bulb. Please email us at and include a description of the problem. We will make arrangenments to replace your flashlight.

  • i bought my litezall through hsn, does the warranty still apply

    Yes it is.

  • Does this flashlight have a warranty?

    Yes. All of out tactical flashlights carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • i need a BAT-P1KPP battery pak and a charger to recharge

    Hi. The battery is available here. It charges directly in the flashlight.

    Thank you.