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Ask a fisherman what he can't live without, and in the middle of discussing his favorite rod and go-to reel, he's sure to mention that he can't live without a flashlight. A durable, heavy-duty flashlight is your best friend at your favorite fishing spot. Whether you need a torch light to find your way through the forest or a keychain flashlight to illuminate that monster bass as you rescue your hook, you can't discount the importance of a little extra light out at the creek.

LitezAll doesn't want you to take our word for it that we have the best and brightest flashlight on the market. You need a real-world opinion, right? Check out what Insta influencer and fisherman extraordinaire, Austin Redding @pnwbassin, has to say about his love of fishing and his experiences with LitezAll.

1. A Passion for Fishing

Austin Redding: Fishing
Peep Austin's Instagram, @pnwbassin, and you instantly see that his best times are outside. Out of all of his adventures, however, Austin loves to fish the most. He's happiest with a fishing pole in his hand. “I love that topwater explosion, the bite on a jig, and mostly, the hook set that keeps me coming back,” he describes in such detail that you can practically feel the telltale tug on the line yourself, right? It doesn't matter if he's shining a tactical flashlight down into the depths to illuminate catfish or throwing out spinners for perch. If Austin's fishing, then he's loving life.

2. Let There Be Light—and Fish

Austin perfectly iterates why all fishermen should have a rechargeable flashlight, a mini flashlight, or a lantern. The early bird catches the fish, you see, so it's critical to reach your secret spot before sunrise. Attempting to find your honey hole or bait your hook in the dark is just asking for trouble. Austin turns to LitezAll anytime he needs a light in the darkness. For him, it's just another way to be prepared.

3. Love for the LitezAll Lantern

Asked about his favorite LitezAll product, Austin is quick to proclaim his love for the COB LED lantern. There are several versions available depending on how many Lumens you need. Austin prefers the lantern because of its versatility. Not only can he use it on his fishing trips, but it also comes in handy when he's camping or hunting.

4. The Real-World Benefits

Sometimes, darkness is darker than dark. In talking about the ways LitezAll helps him out in day-to-day situations, Austin describes helping his girlfriend find her shoes—in the middle of a vast, sandy beach after dark. While everyone else scrambled to search for the missing footwear using their smartphone flashlights, Austin saved the day with the bright, strong beam of his LitezAll flashlight. Emergency averted!

5. All About Austin

To finish up, we asked Austin to share some interesting factoids about himself to help everyone get to know him better. In addition to being an avid outdoorsman, Austin loves to capture moments on film and take photographs, a hobby that Instagram and Youtube have strengthened. Getting to share his story and details about his life is one reason he has shutterbug fever. He also loves being able to look back on all of his adventures.

What's your story? What areas of your life deserve a little more illumination? Share some of your adventures with us! In the meantime, check out @pnwbassin to learn more about Austin. You can hit up @LitezAll, too, and introduce yourself to the best flashlight you'll ever own.