LitezAll Waterproof Remote Control Tea Lights

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LitezAll Waterproof Remote Control Tea Lights

LitezAll Submersible Tea Lights are fully waterproof, remote controlled and feature 12 vivid colors plus white. Choose each color individually or select 2 different auto color changing modes.

Brightness is also selectable from the remote for each color. An automatic 6 hour daily timer is also included.

The tea lights may safely be submersed in water indefinitely or until the batteries need to be changed. Each Tea Light uses 2 CR2032 Button Cells. Remote Uses 1 CR2025 Button Cell.

  • Remote Controlled
  • Waterproof - Fully Submersible
  • 12 Vivid Colors Plus White
  • Selectable Auto Color Changing Modes
  • 6 hour Daily Automatic Timer Mode
  • Colors May Be Individually Selected
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Use Inside Vases, Potted Plants, Ice Buckets, Bookshelves
  • Tea Lights Measure 1"H x 1.25"W x 1.25"D
  • Lights Use 2 CR2032 Lithium Button Cells
  • Remote Uses 1 CR2025 Lithium Button Cell

Download 24051 Operating Instructions & Precautions

Note: Before first use, remove the battery saver tabs from each light and the remote.

Operation: Turn each light clockwise tightly until they light up. Using the remote control, you may select your desired solid color plus FADE or JUMP for auto color changing modes. Pressing the RESET button always selects solid red.

You may adjust the brightness of any solid color by pressing the BRIGHTNESS down or up buttons.

Timer Mode: Pressing the TIMER button operates the lights for 6 continuous hours in any mode and then automatically shuts them off. The lights will come on at the same time the following day. The process repeats until the batteries expire.

Battery Replacement in Lights: Remove the top of the light by turning it counter clockwise. Remove the old batteries and replace them with 2 new CR2032 lithium button cells with the positive side down as indicated. Replace the top of the light by turning it clockwise.

Battery Replacement in Remote: With the remote control facing downward, push the small release button toward the battery tray while simultaneously sliding the tray out. Remove the battery and replace it with 1 new CR2025 lithium button cell, positive side up. Slide the battery tray in fully until it clicks.

Important: For periods of non-use or long term storage (more than 30 days), remove all batteries from the lights and remote control. Failing to do so will result in unwanted battery drain.


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  • How many tea lights come in one package?

    There are 4 to a package.

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